The End to Arthritis Pain Could Be Here

Nicholasville, Kentucky (PRWEB) February 20, 2014

Pain Away LLC, KY: While natural medicines are sometimes looked upon by the medical fraternity with some skepticism, a proven combination of 2 Australian essentials oils has taken the U.S by surprise, providing a strikingly effective level of pain relief, and inflammation relief, to hundreds of thousands already.

Ageing joints, injury, and obesity cause osteoarthritis. Symptoms include joint pain and stiffness and can affect the hands, the wrists, the neck, lower back, knees, and hips.

Outback Pain Relief, developed in Australia and marketed by Pain Away LLC from Kentucky, is a potent combination of Tea Tree Oil (for anti inflammatory action) and Eucalyptus Oil (for pain relief) that is extremely effective on all the symptoms of Osteoarthritis, as well as other joint and muscular pain.

For pain in joint areas — hands, knees, hips, shoulders — Outback Pain Relief is particularly effective after repetitive use, as the Tea Tree Oil slowly reverses the effects of inflammation. What is truly unique to the product is the use of pure Vanilla extracts in the formula, which are bonded to the Tea Tree and Eucalyptus and improve circulation at the point of application, driving the natural active ingredients below the skin to work fast.

One of the toughest characters in Australia today, wildlife adventurer and documentary filmmaker, David Ireland, is a leading advocate of the Outback product and is quick to sing its praises;

“During my long career as the Wildlife Man, I have sustained many injuries, my back was broken by a whale, I have had my ribs smashed by a wild boar and have even survived smashing a motorbike thru the back window of a car! Plus all the general wear and tear after 65 years of a very active life!”

“Unfortunately, arthritis began to cause me problems some two years ago. Back pain threatened my career making my Wildlife Man films, I tried everything to relieve the pain without much success. until my wife Susan bought me your product! I have had amazing results from using it and am now virtually pain free.”

Outback Pain Relief is now marketed online in the US, but will soon be made available in the leading big box pharmacy chains across the country.

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