Superior Magnetics Announced a New Magnetic Necklace for Pain Relief

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) February 27, 2014

Superior Magnetics an innovative leader in the alternative pain relief industry announced a new magnetic necklace for pain relief of inflammation. The ​Superior Magnetics necklace uses 5000 Gauss rare earth north pole magnets for the fastest pain relief. During a brief demonstration customers often report pain relief in seconds for headaches, neck and shoulders pain.

“A magnetic necklace concentrates the magnetic field around the neck and shoulders, explained Cricket Arvilla of SuperiorMagnetics.com, making a magnetic necklace the best relief for migraines, neck and shoulder pain. I have used a magnetic necklace to prevent headaches for 12 years. Many of our customers use magnetic necklaces to prevent headaches and relieve pain. This new magnetic necklace is available at Superior Magnetics to our customers that are unable to visit us at one of our shows.”

For more information, go to: http://www.superiormagnetics.com.

What is a magnetic necklace and what are the benefits of a magnetic necklace?

A magnetic necklace is worn for the pain relief benefits the magnetic field can offer.

“It provides oxygen to the cells; it relieves, stops pain and other symptoms,” as pain is usually a symptom of an imbalance in pH and/or inflammation of the area; “it normalizes acid and alkaline balance,” sore or stiff muscles, chemical hypersensitivity and many disease states are highly acidic, according to William Philpott M.D. in his book, Magnet Therapy: An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide. Magnetic necklaces are best for headaches, arthritis, and tension in the neck and shoulder area.

About SuperiorMagnetics.com magnetic necklaces for Pain Free Living

Superior Magnetics has performed pain relief demonstrations for 12 years at street fairs and festivals. Now you can buy their innovative magnetic necklaces online at SuperiorMagnetics.com. This new magnetic necklace is a beautiful design and provides concentrated magnetic therapy around the neck and shoulders.

Contact Superior Magnetics for pain relieving magnetic necklaces.

Web: http://www.superiormagnetics.com

Tel: +1 909 336-7514

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