Saturday – Back & Abs Cardio | LEAN MODE by Guru Mann | Health and Fitness

LEAN MODE is a 8 week fat melting program based on Strength and Endurance especially designed by Guru Mann for you guys.With complete fat melting recipes (VEG/NON VEG)..
LEAN MODE Workout Plan

LEAN MODE Nutrition Plan (Veg & Non-Veg)
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20 responses to “Saturday – Back & Abs Cardio | LEAN MODE by Guru Mann | Health and Fitness”

  1. Sukhbir Bhogal says:

    My BMI recommends to intake 2000 calories, So is it ok to cut down few carbs/protein in eggs & fat from the meal section. Please advise.

  2. Hrushi Shinde says:

    Awesome bro

  3. SUNDAY! says:

    This is my last program. I have finished all 3 of them now Please tell me which program i should follow now. I have good physique. Now i want to get big and more lean. 😊 Your brother needs your help yar !!

  4. Md Areeb says:

    Everybody dont have these types of machines in our gyms 😞

  5. Sub Man says:

    any warm up workout

  6. Vikas Waghmare says:

    awesome abs great knowledge

  7. Kushal Bansal says:

    Hlo Sir, I'm Following lean program
    can i do regular sets instead of giant sets? plz reply

  8. Atul Negi says:

    can we use same weight in all the sets?

  9. Sandeep Singh says:

    Hii sir I request you please tell us about cross fit what is that and how it is deferent then normal strength training

  10. Rominder Virmani says:

    hello guru mann
    i want to ask can we make muscles at the age of 35 to 40…

  11. Arka Basu says:

    can we add pull ups in the start?

  12. Wajid Ali says:

    Great knowledge gain to u


    Sir !! What can we do if we don't have cardio machine in our gym?

  14. Bunty GURNANI says:

    love you sir..
    kafi kuch sikhne ko millta h apse..
    Sir m jha gym jata hu ..
    Vha itni Sari machin nhi h…
    aur mera stomach ka fat kam nhi ho raha h..
    Regular gym jata hu
    phir bi..
    apke Monday to Saturday wale video dekh kr follow bi Krta hu..
    but Belly km nhi ho rahi.. I mean fat kam nhi ho raha.. please suggest me..
    thank you sir

  15. rohit mule says:

    sir supplimet konsa lu?

  16. rishi raj says:

    Guru mann, what your age?

  17. anirudh zarekar says:

    Guru mann sir, Do we have to do 1st and 3rd Exercise of Giant set 1 in the same machine?
    And Many trainers say that the 1st exercise in Giant set 2 is for shoulder training. Is that true?

  18. Husanpreet gill says:

    hlo sir thanks a lot for guiding us

  19. archit agarwal says:

    sir, mai lean mode follow krra hun bt mere belly fat same h abs pe koi difference ni h??

  20. gautam kumar says:

    love u sir…

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