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BodyDisc – Treat Muscle Pain, Boost Performance

By | Mar 8, 2015

BodyDisc - Treat Muscle Pain, Boost Performance

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ARIIX Dr. Ray Strand Discusses How CoQ10 Relieves Muscle Pain from Statin Drugs

Statins are the most prescribed drugs in the world today. They work by blocking the production of cholesterol in the liver; they also block the production of a very important nutrient called coenzyme Q10. Because of this, statin users should also be taking at least 100mg of the ubiquinol form of CoQ10 every day.

ARIIX is a health and wellness company providing an opportunity to change your financial future while putting emphasis on health and wellness.

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Neck General Exercises to loosen off a stiff neck

By | Mar 8, 2015
A series of gentle exercises to loosen off stiff necks. Can be done in sitting especially in front of a computer screen or TV
Not to be done with painful necks unless prescribed by your doctor or therapist. for all your sports injury rehab needs
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RE: Stiff Neck and Shoulders I have been looking all over the internet, and actually stumbled upon your youtube channel while looking for an answer to my question.

my neck and upper back are very very tense. i can feel hard painful lumps up the back of my neck, and i was just wondering are these tense muscles that could be making me feel this way? my first thought was ‘omg i have cancer! these large lumps are cancer!’ but then i decided to try and be more rational about the situation haha

i have an anxiety disorder, so i am stressed a lot. i’ve never gotten a massage before, but my doctor did say my upper back muscles were VERY tense. like rock hard. i’m wondering if there’s something i can do about this on my own? my posture isn’t very good either.

how likely do you think the stress/anxiety and bad posture are to blame for this? what can i do? :/

thanks in advance for your help.
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Medela SoftShells for Sore Nipples Reviews

By | Mar 7, 2015

Medela SoftShells for Sore Nipples

Medela SoftShells for Sore Nipples

  • Designed for sore nipples
  • Soft, flexible backs
  • Natural appearance under clothes
  • Made without BPA

Medela softshells help solve some of the most common problems faced by breastfeeding women nipple soreness, flat or inverted nipples, and engorgement. Softshells are comfortable to wear while alleviating these conditions. Soft, flexible backs for superior comfort. Low profile design for a natural appearance under clothes. Made without BPA safe for mom and baby. All Medela breastmilk bottles and products that come in contact with breastmilk are and always have been made without BPA. 

List Price: $ 18.49


Soleeze Wave Gel Insoles, Dynamic Massaging Relief for Sore Tired Feet, Knees, Legs and Lower Back (S – Small Mens 5-6.5 Womens 7.5-8)

Soleeze Wave Gel Insoles, Dynamic Massaging Relief for Sore Tired Feet, Knees, Legs and Lower Back (S - Small Mens 5-6.5 Womens 7.5-8)

  • Relief from sore tired feet, back pain, poor circulation and more. Trim to perfectly fit your favorite shoes.
  • Lifetime Replacement Guarantee
  • Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal Treated for odor reduction.
  • Protects your ankles, knees, hips and lower back when standing or walking on hard surfaces
  • Very thin design, can be used with orthotics

Soleeze Wave Insoles are reversible, use either the Black or Tan on top. We recommend you use your insoles for a few hours a day, until you become accustomed to them. You may experience a strange sensation when you first put them in your shoes or sandals. Quickly this sensation will be replaced by unequaled comfort for your feet, legs and back. Soleeze wave are unique massaging insoles that can be refrigerated or frozen for additional therapeutic effect. Simply place them in your shoes and exper

List Price: $ 49.99

Price: $ 19.99

Errorsmith – Stiff Neck

By | Mar 7, 2015

Experimental techno music from Germany.
Taken from “Errorsmith #2”, self-released in 2004.

Stiff neck, pain in neck, back neck pain solutions with Chiropractors in  Taunton, Somerset

Stiff neck, pain in neck, back neck pain solutions with Chiropractors in Taunton, Somerset with Marlborough House Therapy Centre –

Hello I’m Steve Rule, I am the chiropractor here at Marlborough House Therapy Centre, so we’re gonna show you some chiropractic adjustments today.
First of all, gonna show you an upper neck adjustment these adjustment are more associated with headaches or tension type headaches within the cranium and upper back pain, what we need to do to small is a push on the neck, that sometimes is associated with a noise, that’s the compression of gases and the joins and it reduces the pressure and therefore reduces the headache and sometimes chronic headaches need this type of adjustment if done correctly are swiftly very gently there’s no associated pain at all so it’s a very simplistic type of adjustment.
I’ll just gonna have a look at our patient, we’ll look the head up we look at the top bones and we’ll find a small amount of rotation to C2, so what we’ll do, we’ll lay the patient down let her rollback and all you gonna find is a small and gentle push at C2, that’s called cavitation that reduce the volume of pressure in the joint capsule that reduces upper neck and headache pain, it is very very successful.

Looking for chiropractors for neck & shoulder pain? If you suffer of slipped disc, stiff neck, neck and back pain, neck and head pain, pain in neck and shoulder, neck pains or want to want to prevent from having back and neck pain, shoulder neck pain, neck pain problems, crack neck, neck spasms sore neck muscles, neck shoulder pain visit our therapy centre now.

Steve Rule, Chiropractor McTimoney is our expert in stiff neck remedies, a veritable neck doctor who knows how to treat neck pain, back of neck pain, how to cure back pain, how to cure neck pain if you are looking for neck pain relief at the Marlborough Therapy Centre in Taunton , Somerset, UK.

At our centre you will receive your neck pain diagnosis we will tell you how to cure neck pain, neck and shoulder pain, shoulder and neck pain and you will find out the low back pain causes, stiff neck causes that is causing neck pain and headaches, constant neck pain, chronic lower back pain, upper spine pain and other issues.

Please book in now for a free chat about the causes of neck pain, neck injuries or your neck pain treatment.

Marlborough House
1 Middle Street
Taunton, TA1 1SH, UK
Tel. 01823 272227

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Stiff neck, pain in neck, back neck pain | Chiropractor Taunton, Somerset | 01823 272227
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Canker Sore Treatment – How to Get Rid of a Canker Sores, And How to Keep Them From Coming Back

By | Mar 6, 2015
Sore Back
by Koppenbadger


Canker sores are the most common and non-contagious form of mouth sores. These sores can be caused due to various reasons and are scientifically known as Aphthous ulcers. Burning sensations, tingling or a pain inside the mouth is an indication towards ulcers. Medically speaking these are white or yellow lesions circled by an inflamed, red border that occur on the mucus membranes inside the mouth. Although the actual cause of these ulcers remains unknown, still the doctors can predict certain trigger factors, which generally cause the growth of these sores.

Food allergies, citrus fruits, stress and nutritional deficiencies are the most common culprits. Sensitivity towards chocolate, tomatoes and nuts, acidic foods such as pineapple and preservatives like benzoic acid can also lead to causing canker sores. Even physical traumas like toothbrush abrasions, brace adjustments or tooth extraction can be one of the reasons for development. Deficiencies of Vitamin B12, Zinc, Iron or Folic acid are also accountable. Toothpaste having sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) also cause these sores.

Most of us have experienced canker sores at some point of time in our life. Most of these ulcers happen during adolescence or young adulthood and become less frequent as we grow older. It has also been noted that these sores happen more frequently with nonsmokers and people living a higher socio-economic life.

Mouth sores are very annoying oral conditions and can even cause excruciating pain which can be a sign of underlying health problem. Canker sores are not contagious and there are ways by which you can easily get rid of them and stop them from making a comeback. Presently there are many oral medications, topical creams and dental pastes considered as the canker sores treatments. Some remedies even suggest adding nutritional supplements like Vitamin B12, folic acid and zinc to the diet to speed up the healing process. There are even some home remedies that can be an instant relief from the pain caused by these sores.

However all these treatments do not study the exact triggering factor which can give you the most accurate canker sore treatments? There have been no medical studies done to find out any possible adverse side effects of these natural compounds.

You can find various videos and e-books on cold sore and canker sore treatment. Such videos give a 100% natural and drug free solutions to help you get rid of these sores and stop them from re-occurring. These e-books, videos and diet books are a good source for gaining adequate knowledge about oral sore and treat them naturally. These videos guide you towards a few steps which if followed will help you get rid of these sores in an easy manner. The good part is that these video are developed by highly qualified medical professionals over their many years of experience in handling these sores.  



Are you sick and tired of dealing with the pain caused by canker sores?

Mouth sores are probably one of the most irksome oral conditions that have beleaguered people from every age, gender, and ethnicity. In spite of all the bothersome symptoms brought on by canker sores, the good news is that there are canker sore treatments.

Learn more about ways to prevent and cure canker sores at 


Back Muscle Ache Pain Relief Home remedies

By | Mar 6, 2015

Back Muscle Ache Pain Relief Home remedies Muscle ache pain relief tip Home remedy gives sciatica back ache muscle pain relief Muscle ache pain relief for under .00 Philadelphia Newtown Langhorne RIchboro
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STIFF OR SORE NECK? I have an Answer!

By | Mar 5, 2015

STIFF OR SORE NECK? I have an Answer!

STIFF OR SORE NECK? I have an Answer!

As you might guess, my job, by business is internet related, as it has been for almost 6 years. I have spent countless thousands of hours at the keyboard and last year I began to develop extreme neck pain and stiffness. All day long, I would stretch my neck, bend it, do exercises, I tried moist heat, exercises that friends suggested, even chiropractic treatments, everything that I could think of to get rid of the pain but nothing seemed to work for long. I was even losing sleep, and for me, a li

List Price: $ 3.00

Price: $ 3.00

New Survey Reveals Why Traditional Mattress Users Are Willing to Switch to Memory Foam

By | Mar 5, 2015

Thousand Oaks, CA (PRWEB) April 28, 2014

Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C., V.P. of product development for Relief-Mart, Inc. and owner of the informational site, just released the results of the site’s most recent mattress shopper survey. The survey was offered through the site, but hosted by SurveyMonkey. 7,385 shoppers completed most of the 5 question survey addressing some of the issues that may have lead them to seek a memory foam mattress.

According to the survey, 71.42% of these shoppers currently own an innerspring mattress. The survey sought to figure out how much of the prospective memory foam mattress shoppers were considering purchasing a new one due to reasons such as their current mattress allowing them to feel their partner’s movements throughout the night, causing them pain and/or it feeling too hot. According to the survey, 54.42% of the survey participants do feel their partner’s movements throughout the night. According to Dr. Swartzburg, this concern seems consistent with today’s mattress shoppers. “As more research continues to show the importance of deep sleep, feeling of your partner’s movements throughout the night has become a real concern, since that is one way to shift your sleep stage all the way from the most restful and deep stages back to the lightest first stage,” states Dr. Swartzburg. Fortunately, memory foam mattress reviews have shown that memory foam mattresses been proven to optimally dampen mattress motion from one partner to another, especially when a solid foundation is used underneath the mattress.

The survey also cites that the 47.24% respondents currently have issues with excessive mattress heat. While consumers often cite the concern of memory foam mattresses being too hot, with the majority of respondents being users of innerspring mattresses (only 16.13% are memory foam mattress owners), it is apparent that excessive heat from a mattress is a concern with all mattress types. Dr. Swartzburg noted this concern many years ago and it was this exact concern that prompted the development of his patented Airflow Transfer System for reducing heat build-up in foam containing mattresses used in designs for the Selectabed and Tempflow mattress lines.

The survey also reveals that 70.10 percent of mattress shoppers currently experience back pain from their current mattress and that many of them also have shoulder, neck, hip and knee pain, as well as general stiffness.

The good news for mattress dealers is that nearly half of these shoppers (48.62%) are wiling to spend over $ 1,000 for a new mattress, but only if they feel that the new mattress will help them sleep perfectly. Sleep perfection may be difficult to achieve, but according to Dr. Swartzburg, most shoppers will likely still make the purchase if their level of confidence in product is high and the risk of dissatisfaction is low. “I think it is very important to understand what you are really buying and what are the options if you are not totally satisfied,” adds Dr. Swartzburg. That may be why Dr. Swartzburg originally came out with the site and why he still opts to dispense advice to shoppers whether they are looking at a product he has created or one that he has no vested interest in. “My fist goal has been and always will be to use my knowledge to help shoppers find the best solution for their needs and hopefully surveys like this one give some additional insight for both the consumer and the mattress industry alike.”


Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C. has authored the #1 Back Pain Site, an online information guide for back pain sufferers. Treating a variety of patients in a family practice setting, has enabled them to provide online information with a wide range of proven techniques that have been shown to help people who suffer with back pain and how to find the correct product to help their individual needs. Since 2001, Dr. Swartzburg has also consulted for various mattress companies and has used that experience to head up product development at Relief-Mart, Inc. and Selectabed in Westlake Village, CA. Despite being kept so busy over the years, Dr. Swartzburg gladly makes time to answer any questions that readers of this website may have regarding memory foam or any mattress they have interest in, even if it takes further research on his behalf to disseminate and convey an accurate assessment to help the reader in their buying decision process.

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Thermal-Heating Cervical Neck & Spine Support (Black)

By | Mar 4, 2015

Thermal-Heating Cervical Neck & Spine Support (Black)

Thermal-Heating Cervical Neck & Spine Support (Black)

  • Material: Soft fabric with Velcro tab + imported high elasticity band + faux leather
  • Promotes blood circulation and relieves pain
  • Suitable for cervical spine pain and neck pain
  • Provides maximum support for injury prevention
  • Dimension: 46 x 10 cm

Package Includes * Cervical Neck & Spine Support

List Price: $ 9.99


Muscle Roller Stick Travel Massage Tool with 19 Bi-Level Massager Wheels

Muscle Roller Stick Travel Massage Tool with 19 Bi-Level Massager Wheels

  • Gives you a soothing massage in the leg, back, neck. Sold exclusively by ZNX
  • Increases circulation to sore & tight muscles. Speeds up muscle recovery.
  • 19 independently rotating wheels perfectly conform to muscle area.
  • Dual height wheel design more effectively breaks up adhesions and lactic acid buildup that causes soreness.
  • 18 inches long. Perfect for travel, fits in your backpack to take anywhere.

The Roller Stick is a handheld massage tool that can be used to aid in deep muscle massage, tension relief and relaxation. Can easily be used on the calves and thighs (quads, hamstrings), even the soles of your feet. Great for runners, cyclists and other athletes after a vigorous workout.

The Roller Stick releases muscle tension, improves blood flow, and removes toxins from your body. You can use The Roller Stick while watching TV, reading, working on a computer, and even on a trip. Allow yours

List Price: $ 19.99


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Neck Pain Treatment From An Osteopath

By | Mar 4, 2015

You must have heard a lot about treatments that are being given inside each osteopathic clinic. At this point of time, osteopathy is amongst the safest, painless and most effective treatments that are being given to the patients of different medical conditions. If you are fed up of your neck aches, then you should immediately get neck pain treatment by visiting the clinic of an osteopathic doctor. Basically, this kind of treatment heals all the issues that have connection with the tissues, muscles and joints of your body. And neck pain is resulted because of malfunctioning of your neck tissues or muscles. Therefore, the best solution to this problem is only in the hands of an osteopathic doctor.

Why Osteopathic Clinic?

If you are thinking that what kind of treatment you would get from an osteopathic clinic, then you should know that your doctor is going to do magic with you and all your pains and aches of body are going to go away from your life. If it is about neck pain treatment, then the doctor would not prescribe you with the intake of any kind of oral and allopathic medicines, but he is only going to make use of manual manipulation. This process has a very close and strong connection with therapeutic message. It means that with the usage of hands and fingers, you are going to get comforting and relaxing message therapies. The movement of fingers and pressure exerted by the hands of your doctors help your body to release its own healing powers, which resultantly cures the damaged muscles of your neck. You will not only get to take yourself out of pains and aches, but will also get to learn the right way of sitting and walking, which is further going to help you a lot in terms of keeping your body healthy and active. is one of the leading health Osteopathic Clinic in North Ryde 2113 Australia. If you are having problems related to neck pain treatment, then visit now.

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