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The End to Arthritis Pain Could Be Here

By | Apr 10, 2015

Nicholasville, Kentucky (PRWEB) February 20, 2014

Pain Away LLC, KY: While natural medicines are sometimes looked upon by the medical fraternity with some skepticism, a proven combination of 2 Australian essentials oils has taken the U.S by surprise, providing a strikingly effective level of pain relief, and inflammation relief, to hundreds of thousands already.

Ageing joints, injury, and obesity cause osteoarthritis. Symptoms include joint pain and stiffness and can affect the hands, the wrists, the neck, lower back, knees, and hips.

Outback Pain Relief, developed in Australia and marketed by Pain Away LLC from Kentucky, is a potent combination of Tea Tree Oil (for anti inflammatory action) and Eucalyptus Oil (for pain relief) that is extremely effective on all the symptoms of Osteoarthritis, as well as other joint and muscular pain.

For pain in joint areas — hands, knees, hips, shoulders — Outback Pain Relief is particularly effective after repetitive use, as the Tea Tree Oil slowly reverses the effects of inflammation. What is truly unique to the product is the use of pure Vanilla extracts in the formula, which are bonded to the Tea Tree and Eucalyptus and improve circulation at the point of application, driving the natural active ingredients below the skin to work fast.

One of the toughest characters in Australia today, wildlife adventurer and documentary filmmaker, David Ireland, is a leading advocate of the Outback product and is quick to sing its praises;

“During my long career as the Wildlife Man, I have sustained many injuries, my back was broken by a whale, I have had my ribs smashed by a wild boar and have even survived smashing a motorbike thru the back window of a car! Plus all the general wear and tear after 65 years of a very active life!”

“Unfortunately, arthritis began to cause me problems some two years ago. Back pain threatened my career making my Wildlife Man films, I tried everything to relieve the pain without much success. until my wife Susan bought me your product! I have had amazing results from using it and am now virtually pain free.”

Outback Pain Relief is now marketed online in the US, but will soon be made available in the leading big box pharmacy chains across the country.

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Neck Pain Therapy-half A Dozen Techniques You Can Easily Perform At Home To Relieve Neck Ache

By | Apr 8, 2015
Stiff Neck
by nwpuzzlr

A lot of people suffer from some sort of neck problems at least once during their lifetimes. It’s so common that it’s estimated that one in ten people experience it at any unpredictable moment. Fortunately for most people, it is intermittent and mild. In several of these occurrences, neck pain treatment can take place at home.

Neck difficulties, regardless of whether mild or intense, can be treated at home with the help of six easy tactics:

1) Heated compress: Heat helps relax tense muscles. You can buy different types of compresses at your favorite local grocery or pharmacy. Gel compresses can be frozen to be used as a cold compress or heated up in the microwave oven or in hot water for warm use. Other commercial compresses can be purchased in the form of fabric sacks packed with some type of material (grains of dry rice are common sack fillers) that can be heated in a microwave.

It’s also possible to make your own heated compress at home. Just wet a small towel and put it in a zipper-style plastic bag. Before sealing the bag, heat up the actual compress in the microwave oven. Zip the bag and your compress is all set to use.

2) Massage therapy: Should you have a spouse, ask her or him for a neck massage. The individual doesn’t have to be an expert. Merely a light massaging or kneading will do. Five to ten minutes of doing this can really go a long way when it comes to helping tense muscles to relax.

If you’re alone, you can easily gently rub your own neck. Alternatively, you can purchase a battery-powered massaging gadget. Put it in between your neck and any high backed chair to keep the device in place.

3) Hot shower: You can actually blend relaxing warmth with the sensation of a soothing rub down if you take a very warm shower. Just let the warm water flow right on the area of strain for five minutes or so. You may possibly contemplate investing in a massaging shower head.

4) Neck exercises: You’ll find a number of good neck-stretches on the internet or through your physician, chiropractor or physiotherapist. Gentle neck exercises open tightened joints and muscles and help bring back natural mobility. They can be done just about anywhere, even at your desk at work.

5) Topical analgesics: A topical pain product can be used for neck ache alleviation. These are available over the counter. More potent topical creams can be obtained with a physician’s prescription.

6) Ibuprofen: Using ibuprofen is sometimes a good way to relieve discomfort. It’s best to combine ibuprofen neck pain therapy along with one or more of the various methods described previously. It should also be employed moderately, and even as a last option.

Neck troubles which are recurrent, chronic or acute may indicate a far more serious underlying problem. Ibuprofen will only cover up the ache but won’t address the true issue. If you find yourself having to take it daily or more than once per day, this is a good warning that your particular suffering should be further examined by a doctor.

Home neck ache therapy shouldn’t be a replacement for medical attention. If your trouble persists or your pain worsens after a few days, seek the advice of a doctor to be sure that your neck condition isn’t a sign of an even more severe condition.

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Shoulder Pain Treatment & Prevention: Rotator Cuff & Frozen Shoulder – Sock Doc

By | Apr 7, 2015 Learn about various types of shoulder pain treatment and injuries that cause shoulder pain. The types of injuries discussed include shoulder tendonitis, frozen shoulder, and rotator cuff problems. Dr. Steve Gangemi (aka the Sock Doc) explains how to identify, naturally treat, and prevent common shoulder pain, shoulder injuries and ailments.
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CT Acupuncture Stiff Neck Relief | Acupuncture Bethel Wilton Fairfield CT

By | Apr 7, 2015

CT Acupuncture Stiff Neck Relief | Acupuncture Bethel Wilton Fairfield CT Acupuncture Fairfield County CT

Acupuncture is the fast, safe, painless, and naturally effective way to treat neck pain. Call CT Acupuncture at 203-259-1660.

CT Acupuncture Center

236 Greenwood Ave
Bethel, CT 06801
(203) 778-6551

400 Post Rd.
Fairfield, CT 06824
(203) 259-1660

1 Danbury Rd.
Wilton, CT 06897
(203) 762-3646
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carpal tunnel relief Back, Neck Adjustment, Chiropractic Manipulation. Sore Back, Sore Neck. 33781

By | Apr 6, 2015

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Shoulder / Neck Pain Relief Kinesiology Tapes

By | Apr 6, 2015
Stiff Neck
by bzd1

You never realize how much work your neck, back and shoulders do until you try to find a way to move or sit without causing pain. If the pain is caused by injury, it can take a lot longer to heal than might otherwise be expected because the natural tendency to try to prevent pain puts additional strain on other muscles, widening the area of strain and injury over time.

Thankfully, advances in sports medicine and technology have brought relief in the form of new types of kinesiology tapes.

Using a scaffold of high grade cotton fabric with a 100% acrylic, hypoallergenic adhesive, Nitto Denko (a Japanese firm specializing in tape products), has developed SpiderTech, a revolutionary tape that mimics the thickness, weight and elasticity of human skin. This breathable, water resistant tape provides 24 hour support for up to 5 days, and comes in a variety of pre-formed pieces for use on specific parts of the body, in addition to the traditional tape roll.

With the tape providing additional support, the affected areas do not have to work as hard. This reduced exertion allows more time and energy be applied to repair of the injury.

Trying to sleep in motion restrictive apparatus is a recipe for disaster. They either cause physical discomfort because they do not allow ANY motion; or the weight, shape or feel’ of them keeps the nerves (and therefore the person that owns them) in a constant state of low-grade agitation. An uncomfortable body does not rest.

Trying to sleep without them is even worse. Although you can actually go to sleep, without the protection and support of your apparatus, it practically guarantees that some time during the night you will awaken in great pain because you moved inappropriately and aggravated your injury.

SpiderTech helps with both these issues. The flexibility allows a range of motion while providing support and helping prevent over-motion of the affected muscles and joints. Its breathability’ allows air to reach the skin, promoting normal sweat evaporation. [If you’ve ever had a cast or worn a plastic support or protection device, you appreciate how important this is.] Water resistance allows you to shower or even swim while wearing it.

Micro-corrugations in the tape improve stimulation (with the benefit of reducing pain signals) improve lymphatic circulation and reduce swelling (improving blood circulation in the affected areas.)

Merely reducing the excess fluid in an injured muscle reduces discomfort. Think of the last time you overate; remember how that extra pressure made you feel, especially when you tried to bend or stretch? That’s what’s happening in a swollen muscle. Consequently, this helps return normal muscle activation and speed healing.

They have even developed SpiderTech Gentle for people with sensitive or thin skin that reduces the itching, irritation and redness associated with most sports tapes.

Proper taping can help reduce the effects of whiplash, rotator cuff strain, pectoral or deltoid strains, and even help reduce pain associated with scapula misalignments. By extension, this will reduce protective rigidity and the debilitating headaches that go along with it.

For pain management tapes and treatment check out Neck Pain.

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Elias’ Stiff Neck

By | Apr 5, 2015

Suffering a stiff neck

Effective Self Massage Exercise for Neck Pain. Learn this simple self massage exercise for neck pain. Massage side muscles of your neck and get rid of stiff neck and neck pain.

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Asanas for a stiff neck

By | Apr 5, 2015

Asanas for a stiff neck

Bodylicious – How many times have you woken up in the morning with a stiff neck? Don’t worry we tell you how to get rid of it.

Students on Crashed Bus May Still Have Injuries

By | Apr 4, 2015

(PRWEB) February 24, 2014

An accident between two cars and an elementary school bus may not be entirely over, says Herb Auger of Auger and Auger Law. The school children aboard the bus may have sustained injuries that are only now being discovered.

The accident happened during the morning hours at the intersection of Holloway Street and Chandler Road. At the time, only the drivers of the the two cars were reported as injured, and both were taken to the hospital according to the Herald Sun (retrieved 02.13.2014). The nine students continued on to a normal day at school via a replacement bus.

However, Auger says that the most common injuries in a car accident are often not immediately apparent.

“A sudden impact can tear neck muscles as the head snaps forward or to one side,” he said. “This causes whiplash, a painful condition that seems to come out of nowhere weeks later.”

Auger says that this condition may have had no immediate symptoms, especially if children were only checked for major injuries such as broken bones or bleeding.

“It’s unclear if the children were individually examined by paramedics or a doctor,” Auger said. “They may have simply been asked if they were okay, and kids who felt minor pain may have been scared to speak up.”

Auger says parents can recognize the developing symptoms but might not immediately connect them to the accident.

“If your child has headaches, trouble sleeping, stiffness or neck and back pain they should see a doctor,” he said. “Crankiness or suddenly not enjoying sports could be a sign of pain they aren’t speaking up about.”

The parents of all the children in the accident should have their child examined by a doctor, Auger says.

“It is possible to receive compensation from the school bus’ insurance company to cover treatment and help your child feel well again.”

About Herb Auger:

Herbert W. Auger, Esquire is a Raleigh car accident lawyer with over 20 years of experience helping victims of auto accidents receive fair compensation. A founder of Auger & Auger law firm, Herb Auger believes in an aggressive results-oriented approach that maximizes the awards his clients receive. He can be contacted at:

Auger & Auger

4801 Glenwood Avenue

Suite 200

Raleigh, North Carolina 27612

Toll Free:(888) 595-6787

Phone: (919) 429-7851

Fax: (704) 365-0326

Superior Magnetics Announced a New Magnetic Necklace for Pain Relief

By | Apr 3, 2015

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) February 27, 2014

Superior Magnetics an innovative leader in the alternative pain relief industry announced a new magnetic necklace for pain relief of inflammation. The ​Superior Magnetics necklace uses 5000 Gauss rare earth north pole magnets for the fastest pain relief. During a brief demonstration customers often report pain relief in seconds for headaches, neck and shoulders pain.

“A magnetic necklace concentrates the magnetic field around the neck and shoulders, explained Cricket Arvilla of, making a magnetic necklace the best relief for migraines, neck and shoulder pain. I have used a magnetic necklace to prevent headaches for 12 years. Many of our customers use magnetic necklaces to prevent headaches and relieve pain. This new magnetic necklace is available at Superior Magnetics to our customers that are unable to visit us at one of our shows.”

For more information, go to:

What is a magnetic necklace and what are the benefits of a magnetic necklace?

A magnetic necklace is worn for the pain relief benefits the magnetic field can offer.

“It provides oxygen to the cells; it relieves, stops pain and other symptoms,” as pain is usually a symptom of an imbalance in pH and/or inflammation of the area; “it normalizes acid and alkaline balance,” sore or stiff muscles, chemical hypersensitivity and many disease states are highly acidic, according to William Philpott M.D. in his book, Magnet Therapy: An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide. Magnetic necklaces are best for headaches, arthritis, and tension in the neck and shoulder area.

About magnetic necklaces for Pain Free Living

Superior Magnetics has performed pain relief demonstrations for 12 years at street fairs and festivals. Now you can buy their innovative magnetic necklaces online at This new magnetic necklace is a beautiful design and provides concentrated magnetic therapy around the neck and shoulders.

Contact Superior Magnetics for pain relieving magnetic necklaces.


Tel: +1 909 336-7514

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