Neck General Exercises to loosen off a stiff neck

A series of gentle exercises to loosen off stiff necks. Can be done in sitting especially in front of a computer screen or TV
Not to be done with painful necks unless prescribed by your doctor or therapist.

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RE: Stiff Neck and Shoulders

http://www.youtube.com/omgseriouslywtf: I have been looking all over the internet, and actually stumbled upon your youtube channel while looking for an answer to my question.

my neck and upper back are very very tense. i can feel hard painful lumps up the back of my neck, and i was just wondering are these tense muscles that could be making me feel this way? my first thought was ‘omg i have cancer! these large lumps are cancer!’ but then i decided to try and be more rational about the situation haha

i have an anxiety disorder, so i am stressed a lot. i’ve never gotten a massage before, but my doctor did say my upper back muscles were VERY tense. like rock hard. i’m wondering if there’s something i can do about this on my own? my posture isn’t very good either.

how likely do you think the stress/anxiety and bad posture are to blame for this? what can i do? :/

thanks in advance for your help.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 responses to “Neck General Exercises to loosen off a stiff neck”

  1. brianherna says:

    Thanks man it helped

  2. Dan Hammonds says:

    Simple yet effective. I wake every day with a stiff neck (mostly due to
    bodybuilding) and this really helps. The lady is very beautiful too.

  3. Jason Oh says:

    @RavinTheTechDecker because you don’t know grammar

  4. Ian Constable says:

    @ykutkut glad it helped. Keep doing the exercises for a week or two though!

  5. Lode Michiels says:

    wow this is unbeleivable, i just did this and it helped instantly.. thank

  6. bondi houdini says:

    i would tap that even though it is 15 years older than me

  7. meppyhead12 says:

    why arent you talking?

  8. ykutkut says:

    Thank you. This is really amazing. It helped me relieve the pain from my
    stiff neck instantaneously. Simple yet thorough 🙂

  9. OinkOink919 says:

    What if it hurts so bad you can’t do these..when I yry to turn my head ot
    literally just stops itself. I’ve tried turning ot bit it makes the pain
    much more severe. Please help..I’m a runner and I have a big racee tomorrow
    and I cant run with my neck like this HELP

  10. RavinTheTechDecker says:

    i tried it, but why is my neck still pain?

  11. reen19sandra says:

    @meppyhead12 eerrrr because shes doing a neck exercise?

  12. b says:

    what do u do when you have done these exercises and you hear
    cracking/poping sound in the rhomboid area, what does this mean? I feel
    pain in my rhomboids and tightness 360 degrees around my neck. Do you know
    if this could be a sign of something else and what it could be?

  13. joe6panther6 says:

    Also, muscle flexing helps reduce stress. I have an anxiety disorder myself
    and tightening my muscles in certain areas for a few seconds, then
    releasing feels relaxing. Consult a doctor first though before you do it.
    I’m not a doctor. 🙂

  14. GreekNeek says:

    @KDyounggreezy consult a doctor or book acupuncture treatment.

  15. joedhoward says:

    You stated that you have a malignant tumor in your neck and that your
    doctor is not to worried about it. That type of tumor is cancer. You
    probably ment benign tunor.

  16. Mike Helbick says:

    Thank you for posting this, it really helped me out

  17. Jolly Walia says:

    Simple and good, it really helps, thank you.

  18. joe6panther6 says:

    Sometimes the smallest things can reduce stress. Like writing down how
    you’re feeling.. Venting. If you’re on the computer, go nuts typing and
    typing. You’ll feel some sense of relief by pouring out what you’re
    feeling. It’s also good if you don’t have someone readily available to talk

  19. loveandbullets07 says:

    to the original poster: I am a massage student and I never knew how much
    professional Bodywork can really help until I started practicing and being
    practiced on. I also have anxiety problems [mild PTSD] and while receiving
    massage may help reduce stress and improve your sleep [works for me every
    time] you need to be prepared to let go of certain things emotionally. You
    store your pain in your body by the way you hold yourself so once that is
    released, the emotions will follow.

  20. Pushpraj Singh says:

    Wow !! It worked, I never knew it would be so easy. Keep posting good
    videos. God bless you.

  21. MassageNerd says:

    Muscles Hold Memories 🙂

  22. Jason KDkingdom says:

    my neck is stiff and i can only move it one way and when i move it the
    other it hurts real bad what do you think i should do.

  23. tjuneric says:

    This guy looks like a potato head.