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The Miracle Back pillow is a uniquely shaped pillow designed to help relieve lower back pain. With the Miracle Back pillow, you lie down on your stomach and let it naturally guide your back into a healthy, pain free posture. To purchase the Miracle Back Pillow visit: http://www.askdoctorjo.com/MiracleBack

Invented by Dr. Friedman, the Miracle Back Pillow helps to relax your back to relieve the pain and pressure associated with back pain by using your own bodyweight to traction your pelvis and relax back muscles.

The Miracle Back pillow is great for a quick 15-20 minute relaxation session or for stomach sleepers to help them sleep in a more natural position. Either way, your back should feel more relaxed and refreshed when you get up.

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Doctor Jo is a Doctor of Physical Therapy.


Miracle Back Pillow for Lower Back Pain Review:

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6 responses to “Miracle Back Pillow for Lower Back Pain Review – Ask Doctor Jo”

  1. kkimberly2004 says:

    Did they give you a coupon code for reviewing the product for us?

  2. Mary G says:

    Dear Jo,
    I have congenitally skinny disks and at age 61 – ouch! Desk posture I have down cold. But when I want to relax and read, watch TV after a hard day, recliners stack my vertebrae in an uneven and uncomfortable position. I need my neck supported. Please, please, any suggestions? Thanks. Mary

  3. Monis Manzoor says:

    Omg What kind of neck issues u have ?

  4. Carole Jackson says:

    I'm wondering how the instructions re limited time on it to 15 min fits w comments re comfortable sleep. Do you build up tolerance w time or what?

  5. Carole Jackson says:

    Or is it only a therapy tool alone?

  6. Carole Jackson says:

    Interesting. How often have you slept w it?

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