How to improve low back pain from BJJ

Low back pain is something most, if not all, BJJ practitioners currently deal with or have dealt with. Back pain can limit your movement, technique, and effectiveness on the mats.
This video gives you a number of stretches and other techniques that will help you maintain your flexibility, control tightness, and reduce pain.

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6 responses to “How to improve low back pain from BJJ”

  1. Nuke Jitsu says:

    i think its bad to foam rolling the lower back! am i wrong?

  2. Kenneth Lee says:

    thanks for uploading these awesome videos!!!

  3. Zeid Salman says:

    Awesome video as always and very helpful 🙂 I also like to do the Scorpion stretch, I find it kind of ties all the injury prone muscles as well as the lower back into a good stretch. Sometimes an every tight abdominal group / obliques could cause muscle imbalances and lead to back pain so I like to stretch those as well. What do you recommend for Neck Strengthening and Mobility stretches. I find that when I play a pressure pass game, using my head quite a bit, my neck locks up the day after. Thanks!

  4. asdf asfe says:

    I've seen that you should never foam roll your lower back, is that true??

  5. theomen49 says:

    He doesn't look inflexible.

  6. MrManiac61 says:

    Hi! Found you thanks to Chewjitsu. I have similar problem as one touched in this video. I'll try those excersises. When i feel that pain in lowerback when I sit etc. but also after doing triangle(I mean after the guy escape or taps out and I release the presure I can just feel that huge, disturbing pain) i usually place my hands on lower back and push it while driving upper chest backwards and it often just pops in loweback (u know like the bones pops) loudly. I do that because it often give me kind of relief of that pain. Should I head straight to doctor (I've heard theres no one good in my city who takes care of athletes) or just keep doing your exercises and check if they work? Best Regards!

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