How To Fix Low Back Pain & Sciatica

The SI Joint and Pain Associated with the Lower Back.
Lower back pain, sciatica, and piriformis syndrome are all extremely painful and it seems as though many people have the symptoms related to these conditions, but the methods of relief are all very different.

Robin A. McKenzie was a PT and a specialist in reducing the pain associated with disc issues. The conditions often result in a pain that radiates from the glutes down to the toes and all throughout the leg. The sensation is a tingling or numbing pain that hurts whether you are sitting, standing, walking or even lying down.

The exercise shown in this video is known as the McKenzie press up and has helped to alleviate the pain I had and took the peripheral pain and centralized it to my mid to lower back which is a GOOD SIGN!

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14 responses to “How To Fix Low Back Pain & Sciatica”

  1. Chris Choi says:

    I’ve been doing this exercise religiously for almost 2 years. I used to
    have both lower back pain and sciatica due to the nature of my job which is
    a light rail operator, but the pain has totally gone after doing this
    exercise everyday at least for 15-20 min. Consistancy is the key.

  2. Jeff Bruner says:

    I’ve been suffering from Sciatica for about a year now. I’ve been in tears
    on many occasions. I did a job today that required me to do some heavy
    lifting. After getting home, my back was killing me and I knew I would be
    laid up in the bed for the next week, so I jumped on YouTube and found your
    video. I did the exercise for the first time and was amazed that my pain
    disappeared completely. It didn’t last for long, but I did it again and
    got the same results. My pain was a 10 before, and now about at 2. I
    will be doing these exercises daily for now on. Thank you so much! You
    have changed my life. :-)

  3. John Emman Sarsale says:

    thank you matty for this video. ive been suffering for a week now. i tried
    your exercise today and it works. i will do this until will come off… its
    hard to find a chiropractic doctor in my place so i would tend to find
    alternatives. luckily i found your video. thank you again. 

  4. abdi1983 says:

    I work in production line 8 shift which requires standing at all times
    except breaks, the pain in my lower back is unbelievably painful but when I
    walk and sit down it gets better.
    will this help? 

  5. StrykeMike says:

    Thank you so much! I have back pains when I work out my abs, as well as
    when I play basketball, I watched another video explaining why this
    happens, so I figured I need to stretch it, found your video, and you
    helped me A LOT, thanks so much for this information/video! (:

  6. DjFrankieBass says:

    I am a music producer and sit down all day working at a mixing board or my
    computer. I started to get muscle knots in my lower back that were so bad i
    couldn’t get anyone to rub them out. I started looking like Balou from
    jungle book, rubbing my back on walls and stuff to try and rub them out of
    my back. I found this video and have been doing these stretches along with
    the tennis ball routine. The pain and lumps have greatly decreased thank

  7. Nicolas Curcio says:

    every single thing you said was also told to me by my doctor. i have the
    same type of thing. so good stuff man. ill check out the rest of your vids
    for more tips. back injuries suck

  8. Chrissy Hansen says:

    I have been dealing with Sciatica for months. Started going to a
    chiropractor recently, but so far have not had any release from the pain. I
    am going to try these stretches several times each day, I truly hope they
    will work, because I am at my wits end with the debilitating pain I have
    been experiencing.

  9. Mici Dragan says:

    Got pain in my lower back from picking up a heavy bag at the airport. This
    time the pain did not go away by itself so I started to search for advice
    on youtube. Tried the two first positions in your video this morning and
    was surprised by the positive effect they had at my back. The pain is still
    there but it has calmed down and I feel more flexible again. Thank you for
    your advice!

  10. Slim Shady says:

    Thanks a lot for this information, my mom has been dealing very serious
    pain with sciatica for the past 5 days now and I hope this will help. She
    hasn’t seen a chiropractor yet but she is going in 2 days, Only thing she
    has been doing is lying in her bed sleeping and taking pain medication
    because she can barely move without feeling pain. All the symptoms she has
    described to me are exactly similar to sciatica. It’s hard seeing your mom
    in this much pain so hopefully it will go away soon.

  11. Branden Slayton says:

    Have you at least gone to college for that…cause you sure sound like a
    doctor lol 

  12. Ayz Complido says:

    Same situation here. Been dealing with sciatica for a year now because of
    my l4-l5 bulging disc. Also went to the therapist but didn’t help me at
    all. You’re right, these kind of stretches can really help. 🙂 I’m also
    doing it and relieves my pain. thank God! great share!

  13. Michael Warwick says:

    You hit the nail on the head between 5:00 and 5:25…when you advised
    people to talk to their doctor about ‘directional preferences’.

    And it’s not even a question of preference…but rather of the absolute
    necessity to avoid exercises that will exacerbate a back problem. Your
    recommended exercises are only of benefit for people with the SAME problem
    you have, yet it seems you don’t even know for certain what caused/causes
    your pain issue? Was/is it muscular, spinal, damage from posture as you
    suggested, congenital or what?

    For example, I have a herniated disc at L4/L5 – a very common location, it
    seems – which is impinging on my spinal cord, and arching my back is the
    very worst thing I could do to alleviate my ‘low back pain’. (Indeed, if I
    even lie in this position for a more than a few minutes to read a book or
    whatever, I’m in agony for hours afterwards.) As my physiotherapist and
    neurosurgeon told me, bending forward is the best thing for me (and for
    millions of fellow sufferers) – and once I was shown my MRI scan and had
    spine geometry explained to me, I understood why they told me this. It’s
    not rocket science to work out what spinal movement will make my pain worse.

    So, anybody with my problem but unaware of it (or of where the spinal cord
    is in relation to vertebral discs) will only do themselves harm by applying
    this exercise. Yes, I know you have disclaimers, and good for you for
    having them – but your blurb cites “a specialist in reducing the pain
    associated with disc issues” – and yet your video demonstrates an exercise
    of his that would only cause disc sufferers like me further damage.

    Sadly,not everybody is as savvy as the next man, and not everybody can
    afford to consult a back specialist (which I assume are very expensive
    where you are?). I therefore suggest that you specify exactly the condition
    you have, so that people can avoid doing exercises that might actually
    cause them harm; and in any case point out that back arching is one of the
    worst things possible for people with spinal cord lumbar disc impingment

  14. helicart says:

    I’m an Australian physiotherapist. You are a very good communicator. And
    have explained Robin McKenzie’s exercise really well. Good on you!