Flu Outbreak So Severe Doctors Opened Offices On New Years Holiday

(PRWEB) January 17, 2015

The Treasure Coast is under a flu outbreak so severe, they are opening doctor’s offices on a major holiday to keep up with those getting the flu.(the Flu outbreak, 2nd, January, 2015, http://www.cbs12.com/news/top-stories/stories/vid_21945.shtml)

Doctors say even those who got a flu shot are getting sick.

New Years Day and it’s a packed waiting room at Treasure Coast Urgent and Family Care.

Wait–they’re open on New Year’s?

“When we got here this morning there was a line out the door. With Martin County under an Flu Outbreak, ” Dr. Michele Libman said, “we had to open on a holiday to treat my patients.”

“We have been seeing so much influenza. We had one day when 38 patients and 30 tested positive for flu. We haven’t seen this much flu in a long time,” Dr. Lib man said.

Laura Carrol is one of the 40 or so who saw the Facebook post stating they would be open today due to the flu outbreak.

Her symptoms? “Really bad sore throat. The gland. The coughing. The achy. The fever. Just horrible.” Laura said.

Flu tests came back negative, but it certainly feels like it, Laura said.

“I knew it was heavy in Martin County and I thought if it’s the flu I know I don’t need medicine, but if its strep throat–because my throat was so bad. I have never had strep throat.”

Many here already got a flu shot and are still getting sick.


“The vaccine this year,” said Dr. Lib man, “they said the virus mutated so it wasn’t a good match so the vaccine isn’t protecting against the influenza A strain as well.”

Many patients say they weren’t in contact with anyone sick. Doctors say touching a shopping cart in public or a table, could be enough to get you sick. It’s time to pick up some sanitizing hand wipes.

For the outbreaks county by county: http://www.floridahealth.gov/diseases-and-conditions/influenza/_documents/2014-15/2014-w51-flu-review.pdf


Treasure Coast Urgent and Family Care

1801 Southeast Hillmoor Drive #109,

Port St. Lucie, FL


(772) 800-7350

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