Fixing Your Squat : Falling Forward, Butt Wink, Lower Back Pain

Learn how to these common Squat problems:
-Falling forward at the bottom of the Squat
-Butt wink / Posterior Pelvic tilt at the bottom of the Squat
-Lower back pain from Squatting

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20 responses to “Fixing Your Squat : Falling Forward, Butt Wink, Lower Back Pain”

  1. Chris Nijkamp says:

    his butt is winking so hard at me

  2. Михајло Јеремић says:

    good tips and even better music!

  3. Adam InTheSouthWest says:

    Hi Alan, first off great vids.

    I had a question about the breathing. If you take a big breath as suggested when squatting and push/tense into to it does this risk hernia and high blood pressure in your head?

    Is it possible I’m tensing/squeezing to hard?

  4. James Morrison says:

    I finally understand bracing thank you!

  5. Brian D says:

    You listen to Type O Negative! I thought I was alone!

  6. Maryellen Clotilde says:

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  7. Alfonso Jr says:

    Letting your knees go past your toes is a problem

  8. E Moore says:

    Thanks, valuable information

  9. Rachelle Berry says:

    This was so useful!

  10. Jake D says:

    Wow thank you Alan this is the video that changed my life thanks man you do a great job “ if you're going to try.. go all the way.”

  11. asullivan50i says:

    Very informative, glad I saw this before legday tomorrow.

  12. Chronosword says:

    Wow, this helped so much. I realized that I haven't been doing a good job with proper breathing / bracing the core while squatting. This lead to the lower back pain mentioned in the video. In today's work out, I took your suggestion and the lower back pain did not happen. Thanks so much!

  13. vampirexorcist says:

    type o negative <3

  14. Johnathan. Aviles says:

    At 4:50 I thought my app was malfunctioning lol

  15. Aaron Roberts says:

    Hey man, I really appreciate all the videos you make. I just found out about your channel recently and I think it's already improved my form on both bench and deads significantly. Wish I was in the same unit with ya! Was in 3DRadBn in HI about the same time you were in.

  16. Devin Chaves says:

    What to do about shoulder pain from handling the bar? Have tried quite a few grips.

  17. Tobias Valfridsson says:

    This is how I used to squat before the fucking crossfitter at my gym fucked up my mind.
    I'm glad i saw this video. Have some lower back problems now

  18. Christine Aukusitino says:

    2:33 Santa got Jacked to F**k up all the naughty kids.

  19. Emily Rosin says:

    This is the video I’ve been looking for my whole life. Better late than never I suppose

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