Elias’ Stiff Neck

Suffering a stiff neck

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23 responses to “Elias’ Stiff Neck”

  1. clymbel001 says:

    i hav a stiif neck right now and it realy hurt’s i just want to cry.

  2. ELIASGTR says:

    i have a stiff neck and i typed it in youtube and got this and my names
    elias too take

  3. Reuben House says:

    yeah i got a stiff neck at the moment to. i tryed to get up this morning
    and i started crying cos it hurt so much.

  4. Flugel der freiheit Jiyuu no tsubasa says:

    i feel like stephen hawkins. with that stiff neck.

  5. bringerzz says:

    omg i know how tht feels like !!! im on the same side as him !!!! stuck in
    tht possi for 8 hours already !!!!!!!!!! caantt sleeeep !!!!!!!!!

  6. xAshleyt4realx says:

    Piratelord99 is right. Today, I got a stiff neck. ouch! I want to get rid
    of it

  7. Josh Davis says:

    I got one to it hurts so much I’ve had mine for a day now and I can’t get
    rid of it lol.

  8. yesiamkish says:

    i’m now suffering from a stiff neck and it SUCKS SO BADD!!! :(((( i even
    have to stay home :(((

  9. BeterThenYou says:

    my Neck Hurts. It Hurts. aLOT. well feel better.

  10. DogE says:

    I have a stiff neck now and i look like a robot and my neck so slanted on
    the side along with my head lol exactly like his and it hurts alot

  11. Alex989Y says:

    I click it for you.

  12. Mitchellpilot909 says:

    the parents act like they dont really care.. This could have been easy
    fixed by heat on the neck and massage the neck. obviosly the kid had
    difficult drinking water.. they could have helped with that too.

  13. clymbel001 says:

    i hav a stif neck right now and it realy herts
    hhhhheeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllppppppppp mmmeeeeeeee

  14. Phobos001 says:

    i have a stiff neck. i cant turn right >_> but i can still do stuff the
    good thing is that it got me outta school 😀

  15. bob simmons says:

    i have stiff neck right now its getting better though i hope u get better

  16. Aleezo says:

    i hate stiff necks =( i had one on vacation and i couldnt do a bunch of

  17. Andrew Johnson says:

    be a man get over it. I had tetanus and it caused a locked jaw and stiff

  18. DarkViper47 says:

    or he just slept on it wrong. it has happened to me before

  19. EMprodizuctions says:

    tha happened to me. i cracked my neck, and i couldnt move my neck for a
    whole day. and still teh next day it was a little crooked. he should of
    tried taking a shower….i had to it was painful.

  20. xMirax says:

    it’s probably a sign of meningitis

  21. zacefronlover123OHYA says:

    i have a stiff neck. It got so bad i couldnt walk it would hurt my neck
    real bad! Its starting to feel better but it still hurts.

  22. moe761 says:

    eat beans

  23. Goohjamin says:

    ahh no lol ive had a stiff neck to many times b4 its by far the worst thing
    you can get well thats what i fort untill i woke up yesterday with a double
    stiff neck i cant look left or right which makes even looking up or down a
    struggle grr the pain 8(