Sore throat? Lost voice? This is how u fix that ;)

By | Mar 21, 2015

Get your voice back people!

Can Visco-elastic Memory Foam Alleviate Pain And Stiffness?

By | Mar 20, 2015

by yewenyi If you’re in the market for a bed that can ease neck and back pain, thoroughly support your body and keep you asleep throughout the night, and enhance your mood and energy levels throughout the day, a memory foam mattress may be just the thing for you. When men and women make the […]

The Difference Between Soreness And Pain

By | Mar 20, 2015

by pinkangelbabe Definition of Ache Pain refers back to the subtle process in which our nervous system relays vital info to us. It directs us to pay attention on what are happening to our bodies. In case that we’re in danger of wounding ourselves, like for example after we get too near a hot burner […]

Getting Rid Of Cold Sores Fast – How To Treat Cold Sores So They Won’t Ever Come Back

By | Mar 19, 2015

by Lel4nd If you’ve ever been plagued by this persistent virus, you know there’s more than one remedy you can try in getting rid of cold sores fast. There’re two main forms of herpes virus: Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 herpes virus strikes your body areas above your midsection and Type 2 hits […]

Head Over Wheels: A “Lucky Stiff” Turns Tragedy into a Cycling Triumph

By | Mar 19, 2015

Head Over Wheels: A “Lucky Stiff” Turns Tragedy into a Cycling Triumph The inspiring story of how a 56-yr-old avid cyclist recovered from a life-threatening bicycling accident to conquer an “impossible” biking tour just 9 months later. On a training ride going 28 mph, Ken’s bike fork suddenly snapped apart, catapulting him onto his head […]

Compression Shirts, Like New Posa Wear Performance Shirts, Can Help Prevent Injury, Promote Health According to National Center for Biotechnology

By | Mar 17, 2015

San Luis Obispo, CA (PRWEB) March 26, 2014 Within the last few years, studies on compression clothing have increased and an overwhelming number of them have determined that using compression garments is beneficial to health and injury prevention. Not only can a compression garment like Posa Wear decrease injury, but it can also aid in […]

Nfi Consumer Products Blue-emu Emu Oil, Aloe, Super Strength, 4-Ounce Jar Reviews

By | Mar 16, 2015

Nfi Consumer Products Blue-emu Emu Oil, Aloe, Super Strength, 4-Ounce Jar Soothes Sore Muscles Odorless & Non-Greasy Natural Anti-Inflammatory #1 Emu Oil formula for minor arthritis muscle and joint relief Deep Penetrating Relief BLUE-EMU Original Super Strength Cream BLUE-EMU Original is a topical cream that delivers a powerful soothing formula directly to the source of […]

Warner 90111 ProGrip Stiff Putty Knife, 2-Inch

By | Mar 16, 2015

Warner 90111 ProGrip Stiff Putty Knife, 2-Inch Ergonomic, color-coded soft grip handles High-quality carbon steel blades Large hang-hole size Made in U.S.A Heavy-duty blades provide maximum strength and have a chisel ground edge. For fine scraping and shaving with less gouging or chipping. Standard blades are .050″ thick and heavy-duty blades are .080″ thick. Ergonomic […]

Ferguson 1000 Jobs unveils “Holiday Wish List for Ferguson Revitalization”

By | Mar 15, 2015

Ferguson, Missouri (PRWEB) December 31, 2014 Ferguson 1000 Jobs — an organization with a mission to create one thousand jobs for St. Louis county residents, especially those in Ferguson — has decided to give a “Holiday Wish List for Ferguson” to the entire St. Louis region and even State of Missouri. The objective is to […]

Degenerative Disc Disease: A 3-D Problem To Avoid

By | Mar 14, 2015

West Orange, NJ (PRWEB) February 04, 2015 One of the most common back problems among older adults is degenerative disc disease, which isn’t a disease at all but a stream of changes in spinal discs resulting from natural aging, chronic wear and tear, or injury. But while we can’t avoid the main risk factor for […]

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